While we all wait in anticipation for the surprises that the Frieze Art Fair in London will bring in terms of contemporary art, which is set to take place from October 17 to 20, 2013, we thought we would take a step back and share with you some of the artworks that were present at this year’s Frieze Art Fair in New York City. Here are a few fun and interesting highlights to keep in mind as you browse the gallery:

1) According to a recent press release, visitor numbers at this year’s fair were roughly around the 45,000 mark — a number that is close to that of last year’s attendance. There were over 180 galleries present at the fair.

2) Artist Paul McCarthy’s Balloon Dog, an inflatable sculpture from Hauser & Wirth which stood outside in the sculpture park, sold for nearly one million, specifically $950,000. The 40 smaller colorful versions of the 80-foot sculpture sold for $25,000 each. (I guess it shows that cats aren’t the only animal adored by art aficionados!)

3) Galerie Elba Benitez was awarded the Frieze New York Stand Price for their solo showing of Carlos Bunga. According to Frieze, they were awarded a total of $15,000.

4) According to artmarketmonitor.com, London-based curator and artist Anita Zabludowicz is now the proud owner of Michael Williams’ Morning Meditation with Mud and Jenny Mac, after spending nearly $25,000.

5) Tom Friedman’s pizza piece sold for a total of $270,000. (Many will tell you that it is a well-known fact around the States that New York City pizza is deemed to be the best, but who knew a pizza pie in the Big Apple could go for that much?)

6) Paul McCarthy’s Balloon Dog wasn’t the only artwork that sold for $950,000, Walton Ford’s Tri Thong Minh, a wall-sized watercolor piece, proved to be just as lucky.

7) According to a Frieze press release, the overall response from galleries present at the fair was immensely positive: “Sales were fantastic. Collectors love this fair, it’s dynamic, high quality and offers an experience no other fair provides. We are really happy with the feedback, the sales, and the amount of curators and writers. It’s really a perfect fair,” Lisa Spellman of 303 Gallery said.

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Photos by Aehee Kang Asano/GALO Magazine as well as courtesy of Frieze.