Mission Statement: GALO Magazine is an independent digital magazine for curious and imaginative readers and artists alike who want to explore the artistic depths of America and Europe, as well as South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and yes, even Antarctica. Our mission is to entertain, inspire, and educate readers by providing them with high-quality coverage of the national and international art, entertainment and culture scene.

Aside from aiming to bring joy through in-depth profile, feature and interview pieces on artists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and every day people with a creative flair, GALO publishes features in the travel and food spectrum as well.

Though the emphasis is on American and European art (in every definition of the word), GALO is passionate about the artistic endeavors of artists everywhere.

Simply put — it’s Global Art Laid Out!


Letter from the Editor: Have you ever wished that there would be a magazine that encompassed all art forms, highlighting renowned and undiscovered artists (in every definition of the word: visual artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians, writers, etc.) from around the globe without solitary emphasis on New York City or the States; a place where national and international arts, entertainment and culture could thrive, and moreover, where journalism wasn’t made up of scandals, quick stories or repetitive content?

Well, look no further. In 2011, I founded GALO Magazine, an online publication, in which global arts and artists are the main focus, with a bit of travel, food and entrepreneurial business features thrown in for good measure to entice your appetite for the kind of journalism that tells actual stories. We don’t publish gossip. We don’t publish scandals. We don’t focus on surface questions that could be answered with a simple Google search. What we do is tell the stories of artists and their art forms; we focus on the creativity, the person and their stories – we’re interested in what they have to say. We ask intelligent, in-depth questions; ones that take us into the core of the person and their craft as well as their current endeavors. And we’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, either.

We value quality over quantity, and hope that we can provide you with a standard of journalism that can serve as an example in the new era of digital media; one that you will enjoy for many years to come.signature10

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