Video courtesy of OK Go.

You might remember OK Go’s 2006 Grammy-winning music video “Here It Goes Again,” in which the alternative-rock band members could be seen jumping, running and dancing on treadmills all whilst singing the rock/power anthem in a single continuous take. Well, the four Chicago lads are back with another memorable and visually striking video — this time with some hand-held camera tricks and trippy effects with mirrors to match for their latest single “The Writing’s on the Wall.”

Shot in a Brooklyn warehouse, it took the band 30-something takes to get it just right, including nine costume changes over the course of the video and bassist Tim Nordwind shaving off half of his beard (and yes, just like before, it is all done in one single take!). “So once we got going, we just ran it as many times as we could until about 4:30 in the morning,” front man Damian Kulash told CBS News. The final four-minute result is a whirlwind of mirrors, “upside-down” bicycle riding, paint splattering and geometric shape-shifting complete with a personal touch via whizzing hand-held camera action, which will make you feel as if you’ve entered their world, quite literally. The best comparison we can give of this zingy type of ride is what the band sings about at the end of the song: “I just want to get you high.” Yes, you read that right, it’s a bit like taking a drug-induced trip.

And if the video weren’t enough to leave you impressed (or the fact that it has already been watched almost six million times on YouTube), the song in and of itself is one that you will surely be humming for these next few summer months! Consider yourself warned of the addictive nature of this song, which is strangely reminiscent of tunes you’d expect to hear in a John Hughes film or any teen movie from the ’80s for that matter (think Pretty in Pink or Say Anything)!

Watch the video above and tell us which parts leave you scratching your head or just plain dizzy!

OK Go’s newest album, entitled “Hungry Ghosts,” is due out in stores October 2014. Featured image: OK Go on the set of “The Writing’s On The Wall.” Photo Credit: Gus Powell.