“Texas is still a last frontier. It is the part of the United States where the traditional virtues are still operating; in short, a piece of living history.”— Author John C. B. Richmond

In a two-part photo story, photographer Paolo Ferraris explores the differences between modern day Texas and New Mexico and the forgotten desert abundant in times past. Walking the footsteps of today and yesteryear, Ferraris throws away the half-truths and misconceptions that surround the two diverse areas, making room for a new type of mystery influenced by sentiment.

In this second part of the series, Ferraris takes us into the forlorn desert full of sandy white dunes and mountainous ridges where despite the stark stillness, life abounds. With every step and shot taken, Ferraris pushes and diminishes the barrier between past and present.

Photos were taken by Paolo Ferraris with video editing by Olga Zapisek and music by Josh Woodward, “Shadows in the Moonlight.” (It is recommended that this photo story be viewed in full screen.)