Paolo Ferraris

Born and raised in Italy, Paolo Ferraris has been developing his love for photography and fine arts since his childhood. Mediterranean diverse cultures have been his mentor.Traveling since a young age across his beautiful country and the various regions of Europe, namely Ireland, England, France, Germany and Spain, he developed and tuned into his true love: capturing life through images. The Art of Photography has always been in his blood: his father gave him, as a present, a Canon AE-1 film camera when he was eight and since then he never left his beloved tool behind. Paolo has been working as a Photojournalist, Beauty and Fashion photographer for the past decade. Since 2008, he has been residing and creating in what he considers his new home: New York City. Recently, he self-published a photography book entitled "Americana," which captures the life of Americans via photos and quotes and can be purchased by either clicking on the Web site link below his picture or by visiting the iTunes store. His Portfolio is available at:

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