Video Courtesy of We Are Films.

In each person there dwells a magical story just waiting to be uncovered, like a hidden message lying underneath an unturned rock; a story of a life lived, full of wondrous dreams as well as unimaginable hardships and lessons. Some of these, unfortunately, are left untold, buried with the souls that kept their lips tightly sealed, or who never had the chance to share it with anyone willing to listen, but others discover these glittering gems just in time to pass them onto the world at large.

Filmmakers and entrepreneurs Aaron and Alex Craig of We Are Films, an independent New York-based production company that has filmed and produced everything from music videos (My Brightest Diamonds’ “We Added It Up” or Andy Mineo’s “Uno Uno Seis”) to commercials for the Food Network and McDonalds, have managed to capture such a story on camera. During a rather spontaneous trip to Southern Ireland, the Craig brothers found themselves stumbling upon the name Pat Murphy over and over again. After a bit of digging, fueled by some rightly justified curiosity, they soon came to unravel the tale of the oldest fisherman in the area. The Oldest Man in the Sea is a beautiful account of one man’s passion for his line of business, going all the way back to his childhood days spent fishing with his father, told through an introspective interview and perfectly timed close-ups that showcase the freedom that Murphy feels while at sea.

“We went to southern Ireland trying to find an interesting story to capture. While we were in Castletownbere, Ireland, the name Pat Murphy kept coming up around town. The locals said that if we wanted to get an interesting story, we had to interview him. So we went on a journey to find him. We had to wait in the town three days before we could meet him, because he was out at sea. This is the story we got from him when he returned,” the Craig brothers write, describing the chance meeting on their site.

Given the picturesque documentary filmmaking style that these two employ, combined with a recent accomplishment of having their feature film, Cheating September, officially selected to play at the 168 Film Festival in LA this past August, as well as being selected as a Vimeo staff-pick for their music video of Steven Sufjans’ “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” (not to mention their recently filmed trip to Alaska intertwined uniquely with narrative from Into the Wild, which you can view here), it is safe to say that the Coen Brothers might want to watch their back as impeccable talent teeming with newfound ideas and creativity emerges in the industry.

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