Video Courtesy of Tatia Pilieva.

By now you’ve probably seen, or at the very least heard of, the short video First Kiss, which showcased 20 strangers sharing a kiss with one another as part of a collaborative effort with fashion label WREN and that has had over 66 million views on YouTube. Nearly two weeks later, Georgian filmmaker Tatia Pilieva is back with another video — a trailer for her first feature-length film Forever. What might be most interesting though is not that she is the director of this venture, but the fact that Pilieva co-wrote the film with Gill Dennis (Walk the Line).

Produced by The Art of Elysium and starring Deborah Ann Woll as Alice (True Blood, Ruby Sparks) and Luke Grimes as Charlie (True Blood, Taken 2), who happens to have an upcoming role as Elliot Grey in the much-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film-adaptation, this drama centers around the life of a doctor (John Diehl), who founded a communal place to help others, and a young investigative reporter that pays him a visit after a personal tragic loss. The film seemingly revolves around the premise of taking care of others and, at the same time, learning how to take care of oneself in this journey called life (and let’s not forget the apparent romance angle between Charlie and Alice, which is sure to rattle a heart or two). With the virality of the last film, we can’t help but wonder how many views this trailer will receive.

Check out the first look of the trailer above and tell us what you think of it.