New York City is crawling with photo opportunities from all altitudes. Yet, in my day to day life, here in the aforementioned city of opportunity, my eyes were mostly focused on the ground and eye levels, despite there being much to be gained by exploring the city at all heights. Tall buildings are what make New York so iconic, and yet, I would often find myself shuffling through them and around them, never giving them a minute of admiration.

Visually exploring New York during my regular walks to and from work, I discovered that there is much more than just buildings that live in the sky. This photo story, shot on a 35mm camera using Tri-X ISO 400 film, while inspired by the beauty of buildings, morphed into an appreciation of the other inhabitants of the city heavens: water towers.

Narrative and photographs by Marianna Jamadi.

Video editing by Olga Zapisek and music by Kevin MacLeod.