Short Editor’s Note: New York City has long been regarded as the city of opportunity and chance – the city where one’s dreams come true. Yet the opportunities aren’t as bountiful as they seem. And for those who wish to acquire prestige and success, a struggle is often born. In a bi-weekly multimedia series entitled 30 under 30; GALO will be showcasing the inner and outer struggles of 30 New York City artists under the age of 30, whose unfortunate circumstances brought them to glory.

In the second story of the series, GALO brings you into the life of a New York University student and DJ, Alex Richardson, who experienced musical salvation and a second chance at life, after his struggle with drugs.

Photo and video created by Mike Dote. Editing done by Mike Dote and Yolanda Rhooms.

For more on Richardson’s music, please visit his site at: