Actor Noah Lomax can be seen starring opposite Andrew Garfield and Laura Dern in "99 Homes." Photo Credit: Gallagher Photography.

Actor Noah Lomax can be seen starring opposite Andrew Garfield and Laura Dern in “99 Homes.” Photo Credit: Gallagher Photography.

He might be only 13, but Noah Lomax is already starring alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. In fact, you might recognize him from Safe Haven (2013), where he played Josh Duhamel’s son. Stepping into similar shoes, this fall, he can be seen in Broad Green Pictures’ 99 Homes as Connor Nash, the son of Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield).

99 Homes is a thriller that centers on the story of single father Dennis and his struggle to provide security for his family after being evicted from their home by the charismatic and ruthless businessman Rick Carver (Michael Shannon). He soon realizes that the only way he might be able to win their home back is if he lets go of his morals and sets off to work for Rick. But making a deal with the devil always comes with a price, and this one is no exception as “his situation grows more brutal and dangerous than he [could have] ever imagined.

Although the film had its nationwide release on September 25, it was already making waves in the industry as it made its way through the film festival circuit in 2014, where it was awarded the SIGNIS Award Honorable Mention (Venice International Film Festival). Most recently, the film won the Grand Prix award at the Deauville American Film Festival, and rumor has it that it might be an Oscar contender.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the young Lomax who, aside from 99 Homes, recently wrapped up production on Brave New Jersey, a comedy about a small town in The Garden State that believes aliens are invading after listening to Orson Welles’ famed 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Lomax plays opposite Anna Camp and Tony Hale in this hilarious retelling of an actual CBS radio dramatization that unintentionally caused a nationwide panic to ensue among its millions of listeners.

GALO: Jumping right into it, how excited were you to be starring alongside such names like Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern in Broad Green Pictures’ 99 Homes?

Noah Lomax: It was really exciting to work with them. They all were so nice to me. We were like a family on set and off. I only had one scene with Michael, but after getting to know him off set, I hope [that] one day he and I can work together again. We became good friends doing press together.

GALO: What was it like working with Andrew Garfield in particular, given the amount of time you spent together on set? I saw in a recent moviepilot video in which you’re building LEGOs that it looks like you two know how to get along and have fun!

NL: The moviepilot bit was lots of fun. I actually love LEGOs, so that was cool. Andrew and I spent a lot of time together on and off set getting to know each other. It was easy hanging with Andrew because it was like having an older brother. He didn’t have to spend time with me, but he wanted to and that made me feel good. I think because we spent time hanging out that it made things much more believable when we were shooting a scene.

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GALO: The movie has been getting rave reviews in the film festival circuit, even winning several awards, including the grand prize at the Deauville Fest. Needless to say, it’s sure to get the same accolades from the public once it opens in theatres on September 25. Can you tell me a bit about the character that you play and the premise of the film?

NL: I play Connor Nash, son of Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) and grandson of Lynn Nash (Laura Dern). Our family is evicted from their home and forced to move into a motel where they are dealing with a bad environment for a kid to be around. The Nash family wants to get their home back and Dennis is determined to [do just that], so he starts to work with Rick Carver (Michael Shannon). While he works with Rick, he starts to do things that go against the morals and values of the Nash family.

Connor is a 10-year-old boy that is trying to understand how his world has been turned upside down. [He] is forced to leave his friends and school. He really doesn’t understand why this happens, except that his dad promised it would not — but it did.

GALO: Continuing on with that topic for a minute, rumors are floating around that this just might be an Oscar contender. How would you feel if the film were nominated for an Oscar?

NL: I didn’t even know what the Oscars were until about two years ago. I would watch and see how excited everyone was when they won and I thought that was pretty cool. Fast forward two years and it’s crazy to think that I am in a movie that could be potentially nominated. There are some amazing cast and crew that worked really hard on this film. I think it would be a great honor for them to be recognized for their work on this film.

GALO: I’m curious, what was your favorite aspect of being a part of this film?

NL: My favorite part of this film was when Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is confronted by a recently evicted homeowner at Connor’s birthday party.

GALO: You are only 13, which is very young to be starting out so fast in Hollywood. Are you able to enjoy being a kid and participate in the same activities as your peers, or are you more concentrated on your career and future goals as an actor?

NL: [Laughs] I am a kid. I am able to separate my acting from my real, everyday life. It’s [like] living several different lives.

I usually don’t think of my acting as a career, but I do know that I really like being on set and have thought about maybe one day being a director of photography or a [film] director. I enjoy the behind-the-scenes [aspects] of making a movie.

GALO: At 13, you have already worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Anna Camp in a recently wrapped production of the comedy Brave New Jersey (2016); Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel in Playing for Keeps (2012); and Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough and Cobie Smulders in Safe Haven (2013). You have also made a mark in television with recurring roles on popular shows such as The Walking Dead, Bones and The Middle, to name a few. How has all this settled with you? Are you at all star-struck or nervous when working around such amazing talent?

NL: It’s funny, I have lots of people ask me if I am star-struck by the other actors, but I am not. I guess it’s because I think they are just doing a job that they love, just like me. Yes, I think it’s cool to meet someone that I see on TV, but I just see them as regular people. When I think about those movies, I think about the fun memories and my new friends like Mimi Kirkland from Safe Haven, Harp Sandman and Grace Kaufman both from Brave New Jersey, and Abella Wyss from Playing for Keeps. If I hadn’t made these films, then I would have never met my friends.

GALO: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time — do you have any specific hobbies you participate in?

NL: I enjoy playing football — and our team is undefeated, so wish us luck! I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing Minecraft, and being outside and playing some kind of pick-up sport like wiffle ball, football or basketball.

GALO: In terms of your personal life, has it changed much for you as far as school and being around your friends? Do people recognize you when you are just hanging out, away from the set, or do they act differently toward you?

NL: My life back at home hasn’t changed much. I really don’t like talking about the business, and generally, most kids my age don’t really know about it unless someone told them. The majority of my films have been for an older audience, so kids my age, [they] don’t really know that I have been in movies. When I did Safe Haven, there were some people that did recognize me, but since I have gotten older and I look different from Safe Haven, people don’t really know anymore. There was one time that this lady said I looked like the kid from Safe Haven. I just laughed and said “thanks.” I never told her it was actually me. My friends know that I have been in movies, but I don’t tell and they don’t ask.

Actor Noah Lomax. Photo: Gallagher Photography.

Actor Noah Lomax. Photo: Gallagher Photography.

GALO: Being that you seem to have accomplished so much at such an early age, what are some goals you have in mind for the future both in your personal life and your work as an actor? I hear that you’d love to play a James Bond-type role.

NL: Goals…. Hmmm…. It would be bad for me to say that I don’t have goals, but I guess I don’t think about it as having goals. I know I love the entertainment business and I have been very lucky to be able to be in the different movies. I hope that the powers that be keep me around and keep giving me opportunities to be in more TV and films.

I guess my goal is to keep being an actor, and maybe one day work as a director of photography or a [film] director. I believe that God has a plan for my life and I will keep working on things that I really like.

If I was able to choose a type of character [to play], then yes, [I’d want to be] some type of double agent like [the one in] The Bourne Identity or a James Bond-[type character]; I like all the action and cool gadgets. If acting doesn’t go the way I hope, then I can be a wildlife biologist.

GALO: Finally, are there any upcoming projects that you can tell our readers about?

NL: I am currently auditioning for some pretty awesome stuff, and maybe something will work out for me. I will, for sure, keep ya’ll posted.

As you mentioned before, I just wrapped up Brave New Jersey. This is a story about a small town in New Jersey that is listening to a radio broadcast of Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds. They believe that it is really happening, and it deals with how the town reacts to this supposed invasion. It’s funny! You got Tony Hale and Anna Camp [starring in it].

GALO: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know? 

NL: Yes, please go see 99 Homes! Also, this is off the subject, but be nice to each other because you never know what someone is going through, and sometimes a friendly face can make a difference.

Video courtesy of Broad Green Pictures.

Catch Noah Lomax in “99 Homes,” currently playing in theaters. For more information about Lomax and his endeavors, you can follow him on Twitter @ItsNoahLomax.