Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue star in ABC's "Once Upon A Time." Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand.

Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue star in ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” Photo: ABC/Jack Rowand.

When Once Upon A Time returns this fall, the savior will be no more.

Instead, we’ll be meeting a much darker side to Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), who in the fourth season finale — in what can only be described as an impulsive yet equally thoughtful and heartbreaking decision — took Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) place and allowed the darkness to consumer her, quickly becoming the most feared villain in all of Storybrooke. (Admit it. You too were teary eyed when she finally told Hook, played by the handsome Colin O’Donoghue, that she loves him, mere seconds before she pulled Regina out with the Dark One’s dagger in hand so the newly crowned hero could have her chance at a happy ending with Robin Hood!)

Of course, as rash decisions go, this one won’t be without its consequences, and it’s anyone’s guess who and which relationships might become collateral damage, although like most fans of the show, we’re mostly afraid for what lies ahead for “Captain Swan.” But according to O’Donoghue, he’s in it for the long haul, even if he has to date the one person he tried to kill (or, well, rather the malicious thing that lived inside Rumple and led to the death of Milah, Hook’s former love). As you can imagine, the road ahead is bound to be a bit bumpy and tricky for this pair.

ABC's “Once Upon a Time" stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan. Photo: ABC/Tyler Shields.

A first look at Jennifer Morrison as the Dark Emma Swan on ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” Photo: ABC/Tyler Shields.

ABC's “Once Upon a Time" stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan. Photo: ABC/Tyler Shields.

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan. Photo: ABC/Tyler Shields.

“It’s awkward, because he spent so long trying to kill the Dark One and now he’s going out with her,” our favorite swashbuckling pirate told E! News during a recent Q&A session at the San Diego Comic-Con. “Look, Hook loves Emma and he wants to try and protect her heart at any cost. He spent most of last season trying to save her from the darkness, not to let her go, because he knows what that’s like. Unfortunately, she’s now dark, so he’s going to try and fight to bring her back to who she used to be.”

For the time being, we can only cross our fingers and silently hope that in the process she doesn’t pull him back into the dark with her, but rather that he brings her out into the shining light. Perhaps, it will be as simple as a true love’s declaration and kiss mixed with a little magic from Merlin’s wand? Then again, when has anything been that uncomplicated in Storybrooke…? Still, one thing’s for sure, we know Hook will do anything to bring back the woman who made him whole again, no matter the obstacle. Now that’s what you call devotion!

Sound off in the comments area below and tell us what you think will happen as well as how excited you are to see Emma Swan as the Dark One in Season 5! And be sure to check out the videos below for your first look at Jennifer Morrison as Dark Swan. “Once Upon A Time” returns September 27th on ABC.

Video courtesy of ABC Television Network.

Video courtesy of ABC Television Network.