The Jar Family. Photo Credit: Jon Bergman.

The Jar Family. Photo Credit: Jon Bergman.

In the midst of releasing a new single and being on tour, The Jar Family took part in our readers’ series and answered your most pressing questions. Hailing from Hartlepool, England, the six-member band (made up of Max Bianco, Dali, Richie Docherty, Chris Hooks, Keith Wilkinson and Kez Edwards), who has a folk, blues-like vibe and was deemed by The Guardian as being “neo-Dickensian” and worth a listen for those “who last got excited about new bands in 1975” due to their exceptional throwback style in both fashion and music, addressed your queries about their upcoming album, their favorite LP of all time, and what TV program they’d like to be on. Read on to find out what this fast-emerging live act from the North of England had to say!

Jax asks: You do loads of touring/gigs. Do you have a favorite, and if so, [then] for what reason?

Dali: Has been The Borough Hall in Hartlepool, simply because of the roar of the crowd as we came on.

Max Bianco: I don’t really have a favorite. It’s safe to say [that] most of our gigs are enjoyable and every night is different.

Keith Wilkinson: Anything in Hartlepool — because the fans make you feel like you’re in The Beatles.

Chris Hooks: My favorite gig was supporting the Proclaimers at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay; it was a fantastic setting playing in front of a few thousand as the sun was just beginning to set, and we received a great response from a brand new audience.

Debbie asks: What TV program would you like to be on and why?

Dali: I like detective dramas like DCI Banks, Whitechapel and Wire in the Blood.

Max: The Jools Holland Show — just with it having the history of musicians that have played previously [on it].

Keith: It would be Whyae Five-0; a Geordie version of Hawaii Five-0 — intrigue and North Sea surf.

Chris: I’d love to be on the return of Breaking Bad (if it ever happens) because it is the best TV show ever, in my opinion. Also, [one where I’d] learn how to cook!

Anne asks: Can you tell us a bit about your new album (what type of songs will we find on it and the inspiration for it, for instance) and when will it be unveiled?

Dali: The new album captures the live feel of the band, the energy and fun we have on an album. The inspiration for it came from most of our life experiences and feelings.

Max: I think there are a couple of old songs we worked on, and there [are] some new songs and a different sound to the last ones. I consider this [to be our] first album, the last two were just an experiment.

Keith: [It will be] unveiled in May 2015 — acoustic/folk/pop and inspired by personal experiences.

Chris: On our new album, you will find a much more rootsy and direct sound, and I feel it captures the band in its truest form. It has a real live vibe and the songs are very honest and close to our hearts.

Richard asks: If you could open for or record a song with any musician or band worldwide, then who would it be and why?

Dali: It would have to be Jack White for me. His taste in music and inspirations are [the] same as mine.

Max: [It would be to] record with Robbie Robertson, probably.

Keith: Jack White, because Dali loves him.

Chris: I [would want] to record a song with Peter Green because as a guitarist, he has the purest tone I have heard — and his guitar playing has inspired me in my progression as a guitarist.

Janie asks: What do each of you love to do in your spare time when on the road?

Dali: I like to walk and go to the gym at home.

Max: Make stupid videos or something; I often find myself looking out of the window daydreaming about pointless things.

Keith: Read, sleep, read, sleep, pee, drink coffee, read, sleep, pee — look out the window.

Chris: We are all wannabe comedians at heart and we love making silly videos, sketches and short movies for our own amusement.

Daniel asks: Are there any special traditions you and your band have when preparing for a show or when putting the final knot, so to speak, on a song or album?

Dali: We never prepare for a show. [We] usually just chill out, play cards [and] have a mess about.

Max: Richie just eats lots of beans, so you can guess what it’s like on stage…

Keith: We burn incense and put money on the horses.

Chris: Not particularly. We usually just have a few drinks together if we’ve had a successful gig, writing session or rehearsal.

Cole asks: Which song is the most fun to perform live and why?

Dali: There’s a few. I have to go simply with a farewell, see ya soon song to end the night where everyone takes part, and “Debt” because I can go mental picking up the pieces because it rocks.

Max: I enjoy them all to be honest; they’re all good fun to play.

Keith: Any song that Chris Hooks struggles with.

Chris: The most enjoyable live track play for me is called “Debt” because I think this is the most left-field song we have — and it has a real dirty blues feel to it, which I love.

Elizabeth asks: Most of the time, we all have to make sacrifices, especially when we try to achieve our dreams. Is there anything any of you had to give up to pursue your dream of music? Do you have any regrets?

Dali: Family and friends; I went through a bad patch with my fine lady for a while, but [our] love is strong and she keeps me sane.

Max:  I don’t really have any regrets. I was young when this started, so it’s part of my lifestyle anyway — and I build my life up around it, unlike the other lads who have left jobs and things.

Keith: Jeez, Elizabeth — we need to talk.

Chris: I don’t have any regrets at all, but the hardest thing was moving away from my family at [a] rather difficult time personally. I had just lost my Nana when the whole thing started, but I knew she wanted me to follow my dreams.

Katherine asks: If each of you had to pick your favorite album of all time (and it can’t be your own!), what would it be and why?

Dali: The White Stripes’ first album — the rawness, looseness [of] the sound, everything.

Max: Blonde on Blonde [by Bob Dylan], as it never gets old and is a big influence to my music; it always seems like I can go back to it and feel as though it’s the first time I’ve heard it.

Keith: Electric Ladyland by the Jimi Hendrix Experience — because it was the right time and right place.

Chris: My favorite album of all time is a live album called Pulse by Pink Floyd, because I really never get bored of listening to it and it has so many songs on there that tap into every emotion.

Nicholas asks: If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world right now as a band, what place would you guys choose and what would be the motivation for that particular choice? What activities would you want to do there?

Dali: We always talk about America — the live music capitals: Mississippi and Chicago, or Route 66. We’d be playing in the bars, [doing] open mic nights, [and] hanging with the soul of music.

Max:  Japan — because the boys haven’t witnessed it. It’s a crazy place. [I’d like to] take them everywhere there and do all kinds of things in and out of the cities, like Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tokyo, etc.

Keith: If you’re in a band with a bunch of guys that you like then every day you’re with them is a vacation — doesn’t matter where you are. Activities — of course!

Chris: I would love to go to the USA, particularly Texas or Chicago because the music scene is so amazing there, and I would love to experience it and see how the American audience would receive us.

Video courtesy of The Jar Family.

Video courtesy of The Jar Family.

If you’re near Scarborough, North Yorkshire in England this weekend, you might want to stop by the Top Secret Blues Festival as The Jar Family is said to make an appearance. For more information about the band, you can visit their official Web site by clicking here or follow them on Twitter @TheJARfamily. || Featured image: Photo Credit: Jon Bergman.