Tim Young

Tim Young was born half-way through the 20th century in Easton, Pennsylvania. A small town with little in entertainment except for one amusement park, Bushkill Park, and that was only in the summers. Tim spent those summers as a kid with a season pass to the swimming pool and a penchant for catching the brass ring on the Merry - Go - Round. He first began to understand his artistic talents as a student at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, where he picked up the guitar, and earned a B.A. in theater and communications. Shortly after graduation he found a job as a cashier at SYMS on Park Place in Manhattan and made the move to the big city. Along with his now ex-wife Bonnie, he helped form a successful Off Off Broadway company, The Fourth E, whose artistic director, Robert Patrick, had made a name for himself by penning the Broadway hit “Kennedy's Children.” Once the acting career moved into a fade he changed gears, began to take the guitar seriously, and moved into the music world where he helped create many different rock bands, wrote songs, and handled lead vocals. Throughout all the incarnations there was always the writing: songs, poems, stories and plays. Since the fall of 2005 writing has moved to center stage. Tim has written several drafts of two different novels and is always working on a short story because, he says, “they are so damn difficult.” Besides enjoying immensely his work for GALO, he is also currently putting together a collection of his own poetry, which may be ready for publication sometime next year. Discovering new coffee shops, reading great books and checking out the latest “tweets,” take up whatever is left of any free time.

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