Polly Witker

A native New Yorker, Polly Witker caught the travel bug when she was still young enough to take her stuffed animals on imaginary adventures to foreign lands. She studied English and Film at Bucknell University and Fashion Management at FIT before landing various gigs including fashion editor, publicist, and stylist. She (temporarily) hung up her heels in 2010 and strapped on a backpack, venturing first to Italy and the south of France and then to Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece. She settled in Istanbul for a year and worked as an English teacher, started a blog, and ate a lot of baklava. In her free time, Polly runs marathons, watches silly animal videos on YouTube, and daydreams about adventures in the city and beyond. She can currently be found in Brooklyn, NY, but who knows how long that will last. You can follow her on Twitter at @polly_goes.

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