Melissa Alexander

Melissa Dawn Alexander is a native New Yorker and has lived in Queens her entire life. From Astoria to Flushing, and finally to Elmhurst, she has grown a strong appreciation for Queens; a borough sometimes ignored. Growing up, she was always fond of American Literature, writing fictional stories, and playwriting. In addition, having written for the Queens Courier and Aspire College Magazine, she has grown an affinity for journalism. Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Literary Studies, and plans to attend the Graduate School at Queens College for a Masters in English Education, starting in August 2011. Being an English teacher has always been a dream of hers; having been inspired by her Junior Year English Teacher, she has always admired using literature as a tool to successfully help adolescents find their true inner being. Her favorite novel is Moby Dick by Herman Melville, and her favorite playwright is Tennessee Williams. Melissa also loves going to the theatre, drinking coffee, and enjoying a relaxing day in Astoria Park.

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