Kristen Gilmartin

Kristen Gilmartin is a born and bred Jersey girl with an intense passion for writing and music. After spending four years as a staff writer and, later, copy editor of her university’s newspaper, she graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in May 2013 with a B.A. in Journalism. She has since continued to build her portfolio while pursuing a career in writing and editing. Kristen has an interest in a massive range of subjects stretching from travel to nature to the arts, and takes every opportunity to explore these topics. She hopes to become a globetrotter someday and immerse herself in unfamiliar cultures before returning to settle in an American metropolis. Though her career is just beginning, she eagerly anticipates embarking on new endeavors, including contributing to GALO’s music section. Kristen places a large emphasis on personal growth and describes herself as a “work in progress”; you can view her journey through her blog, Dreaming Aloud.

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