Greg Iacurci

Greg Iacurci works full-time as a senior reporter for the trade publication Fund Action, covering news and trends in the 401(k) market. Greg graduated from Fordham University with a Journalism degree and was a contributor for the school newspaper "The Ram" during his time there. He received the Bernice Kilduff White & John J. White prize for creative writing his senior year. In his free time, Greg enjoys watching movies both new and old, and has a soft spot for hilariously awful sci-fi films. If there were a church of Indiana Jones, he would be its most devoted follower. He plays guitar in a band with his friends called Chris & The Fitzgeralds, and has been hailed as the next Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan; these accolades, however, came from his mother and father. Greg aspires to an enriching career as a journalist and writer, and hopes to publish a novel sometime down the road.

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