David Patrick

David Patrick is a writer from Buffalo, New York, who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. David has published in The Spectrum, the newspaper of his alma mater, the University at Buffalo, where he received a B.A. in Media Study. Becoming somewhat of a polymath to pay for college tuition, he has worked as a machinist, mechanic, sous chef, and a salesman. David is also a contributor and assistant to The Industrial Worker, a labor rights publication of the Industrial Workers of the World. With a desire for creative inquiry and artistic freedom, his work often involves the boundaries of expression and the ramifications art has on society, politics and economics. David is also collaborating with a local Chicago music promotion company and designing his own publication to give the scientific community an additional edge in the public discourse. Active with political organizing, with an abundance of good fortune and lack of sleep, he hopes he will be able to reclaim pursuit of his hobbies of sailing and aviation.

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