Clarissa Hamlin

As a former reporter for the Valley Stream and Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald from 2010-11, Clarissa Hamlin knows how to find the heart in any story. In fact, she lives for it. She began to write poetry, songs, and fictional stories while growing up in Long Island, NY, where she still lives. Clarissa earned a B.A. in English from Syracuse University in 2009. She described working for the Long Island Herald as a worthwhile task of following the very pulse that keeps a community alive. Now, Clarissa has set her sights on the Big Apple’s bright lights as a writer for GALO Magazine. Trading in her suburban community beat to hit the city’s streets, she hopes to inspire readers. Ultimately, she dreams of writing screenplays and books, and taking her passion for acting and dance to Hollywood. You can follow her on Twitter @reesiepieces13 and check out her blog, “The Written Revolution.”

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