Alison Kjeldgaard

A 20-something Colorado native, Alison Kjeldgaard is an aspiring editor, avid fantasy fiction reader, and obsessed tango dancer. She graduated in 2009 with two journalism internships under her belt, an English Literature degree, and a national economic crisis. Despite this, Alison has paid the bills working odd writing jobs and taking every chance she can to travel. So far, she has been to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Costa Rica, and Argentina. Most recently, Alison moved from Denver to San Francisco where she runs her own online magazine, Art Animal. Today, Alison is excited to explore San Francisco's unparalleled dance scene and begin freelance writing about travel, American art, and culture. In the near future, Alison plans on moving to NYC to pursue a career in publishing and get a taste for tango on the East coast.

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