The idea of owning a bakery seemed unfeasible at first, critics were especially skeptical about opening a bakery with a thin selection, but Nelson and her husband were confident the cupcake bakery industry would thrive. And thrive it did.

“When my husband and I dreamt up the idea of a bakery that sold only cupcakes in the middle of Beverly Hills, people said we were nuts! We have been very fortunate to have started a ‘cupcake bakery industry’ that is thriving worldwide,” she says.

A successful survivor of the low-carbohydrate mania, Nelson’s long tedious days of mixing, baking, and frosting paid off, despite the multitudes of obstacles that she had encountered along the way. Receiving the famous Sprinkles gift box, a chic rectangular treasure lined with one dozen freshly baked cupcakes ranging in eye-catching colors, Americans discovered it was hard to resist. Customers with some inner restraint opt for the individual boxes delicately sealed with the Sprinkles signature sticker.

“Sprinkles Cupcakes are baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients. You’ll never find hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or trans-fats in our cupcakes. We pride ourselves on freshness,” Nelson says exemplifying the hard work she has put into making the small desserts a healthy dessert choice.

“We wanted to open something unique and special and celebrate the American cupcake. Despite naysayers, we sold out within hours of opening, and sales haven’t slowed since. Today we are known for our long lines,” she adds.

Nelson, a strong believer that “dessert should be a daily indulgence” wanted to appeal to all through the creation of original flavors. “Before opening, I spent over a year developing the recipes we use in our bakery. I went with classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla and also unique ones like ginger lemon,” she says with enthusiasm. “I wanted there to be something for everyone and also wanted to encourage people to try new flavors they weren’t used to seeing in cake form!”

With customers constantly visiting Sprinkles locations throughout the day, Nelson proved dessert is not just the after-dinner finale – and is presently looking to prove this belief in other dessert realms.

“I am very excited about launching Sprinkles Ice Cream,” Nelson says. “It is our first adventure beyond the cupcake business. Our ice cream will be handcrafted American ice cream using only the finest ingredients, staying in line with the Sprinkles philosophy.”

“Sprinkles Ice Cream shop is a back to basics creamery with a Sprinkles twist,” Nelson adds.

The energetic baker is looking forward to the launching of Sprinkles Ice Cream which will open its first location next to its Beverly Hills store scooping delicious ice cream flavors into crisp waffle cones, pressed between fluffy cupcake tops, or piled high into sundaes garnished with homemade sauces and toppings. If cupcakes and ice cream are not the icing on the cake for some customers, Sprinkles Ice Cream shop will also serve freshly baked cookies and brownies for those seeking a less indulgent sugar high.

Following suit with inventions, for Sprinkles’ addicts looking to fulfill a late night fix or to avoid the lines, the cupcake queen has also launched a Cupcake ATM. The ATM, constantly filled with fresh cupcakes day and night, has become a high-tech expansion.

“Sprinkles debuts the world’s first Cupcake ATM,” Nelson cheerfully says. “This automatic cupcake machine dispenses freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, apparel, and even cupcakes for Fido. In the heart of Beverly Hills, nestled between Sprinkles Cupcakes and the brand new Sprinkles Ice Cream, Sprinkles Cupcake ATM will be continuously restocked day and night with a variety of freshly baked cupcake flavors.”

The novel store and ATM machine are bound to attract both old and fresh crowds of customers dying for a taste of the original flavors that are well worth the wait. Take the chai latte cupcake: spiced chai tea cake delicately lavished in chai-vanilla frosting leaves, its passionate following swooning with every bite. Unlike cupcakes overwhelmed with frosting, Sprinkles offers the perfect ratio occasionally topped with the colorful signature sugar disc (if not covered with a healthy portion of sprinkles) present on the majority of the not so average cupcakes offered.

In addition to her newest endeavors, Nelson is a judge on the hit Food Network television series Cupcake Wars, serving as an influence to others, she accentuates that pursuing personal passions and creations is worthwhile.

“I remember on our very first season, we had a vegan baker who refused to bake with any dairy,” Nelson says. “I thought she didn’t stand a chance against the other bakers who had the advantage of butter, eggs, and milk. Yet, with every round, her cupcakes were better and she won the competition.”

When the cupcake crusader is not feeding society’s latest cupcake obsession, Nelson enjoys spending her time with her husband and two sons. “Charles has become quite the baker since we opened Sprinkles, however, he does focus mainly on the business side of the company,” she says.

“We met while working together as investment bankers; he is very supportive. Over the years Charles has been a tireless taste-tester. My eldest son loves cupcakes (and the cookies and ice cream I’ve been developing at our house). I make a point to make sure he never gets too much sugar at a time. My youngest is still too young to eat cupcakes, but I have a feeling he will be a fan.”

Nelson’s deliciously unique spin on an old-fashioned classic through the creation of moist palm sized cakes topped with rich creamy topping has created quite a stir. With tourists and locals alike traveling to taste the perpetrator of the cupcake frenzy, Nelson plans to keep the Sprinkles chic bakeries growing – and, so far, no one is disappointed.

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