Singer/Actress Ashlee Keating. Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard.

Singer/Actress Ashlee Keating. Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard.

AK: I’ve been working on my new EP, and soon will release my new single “Red Eye.” “Red Eye” is different than “Helluva Ride.” I’ve been in more of a creative mode. It’s more focused on songwriting and really creating that vibe, and I relate to the lyrics. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

GALO: So when should we expect to hear this new single of yours?

AK: Soon, it’s in the works. Check out my social networks for updates.

GALO: You have an active role in every part of the creative process, and as you yourself mentioned, you write your own songs. How much inspiration comes from your own life?

AK: It’s really everything. I love being able to just sit and play guitar and vibe with whoever I’m writing with, and just start freestyling — working from scratch on my writing. I’ve been doing a lot more of that with my EP. I get a thought in my mind about what I’ve gone through in my life [and I write it down]. I love writing from my life. It’s like a journal. I want people to be able to relate to what I go through day to day — everyone goes through situations, everyone goes through breakups, or they’re going through something with a boyfriend. Everything that’s going on in my life, I write about.

GALO: I’m sure a lifelong journey to fame, and the experiences and hardships that come with it, makes for great inspiration. Which song on the album do you believe resonates most with you and why?

AK: It’s definitely “Red Eye.” It’s a mid-tempo ballad and an emotional track. There are lyrics [in this song] that let you know who I am as an artist.

GALO: Beyoncé once said, “You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.” So tell me, who are you as an artist?

AK: I’m just myself. I’m unique. I bring my own creativity to everything, and I know how to be authentic and who I am. I love being involved in the creative process of everything. I write differently. I’m just being me, and that makes me happy.

GALO: Your production team for your album is pretty impressive — they’ve worked with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, among others. Can we anticipate any guest appearances?

AK: It’s too soon to tell. However, I love collaborating with other artists. I’ve made a lot of friendships in the music industry, and it’s pretty exciting. Hopefully soon we’ll see.

GALO: What would you say makes you different from the Ariana Grandes and Taylor Swifts of the music industry?

AK: I love being a part of the full creative process when making music. I do everything, and I don’t just sing. I dance, play guitar, I’m very involved. I start making music from scratch, and my co-writers and I are always freestyling. We don’t have anything prepared — that makes the difference.

GALO: You’re in the upcoming movie The Mint, directed by Raymond Mamrak, about a talented music producer who is losing his love for the music.

AK: Yes, I just started filming and had my first day on set. It’s totally different than working on music. I love being on set, since I love acting. It was great and my scenes were awesome. I’m excited for everyone to see the character that I’m playing.

GALO: You play Samantha Cole, I believe, opposite Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley and the director himself, who stars as “Barry.” How have you prepared for that role?

AK: I’ve really been focusing on the character I’m portraying, the lead role of Samantha Cole, and I’m trying to bring myself to the character. I’ve been able to do that with any character I’ve played. I’ve been going over my lines and delving into who I am, weaving her experiences with mine.

GALO: I noticed you’ve not only acted in movies, but you’ve been on various Nickelodeon shows and soap operas. What differences are there in being a part of the two?

AK: This is my first big screen movie, and first time with a lead role. There are definitely differences. When I did the soap opera One Life to Live, you’d shoot in like a day or two, and there’s preparation throughout the week. With movies, though, there’s long-term shooting. The camera angles are also different. I think it’s the length of shooting and preparation [that really makes a difference].

GALO: You’ve done theatre, the big screen, and you sing. Which is your first love?

AK: I love them equally. Today I feel like there are a lot of artists who are doing everything. I love to mix everything together — though at the end of the day, I feel that music is in my soul.

GALO: Being that it is a new year and we all set goals for ourselves (some more realistic than others), what do you hope to achieve in the next five years?

AK: I hope to have balance. I’d like to be doing it all with my established music career, being at an all-time high, along with my acting. I’ll be working on some dates and touring in 2015. Like I said, “Ice Kingdom” is on Radio Disney, and I’m constantly on social media. Updates can be found on and my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Video courtesy of Ashlee Keating.