Coney Island is one of the most significant historical sites in Brooklyn, New York that countless people have visited over the decades, including immigrants, working class heroes; young gang stars, and artists. They have their memories there and have seen both the unchangeable and continuous life of Coney Island along with those changes that no one can stop. Now is the turning point of Coney Island.

Because of the economic crisis and times changing, some of the old stores on the boardwalk have been removed, along with various entertainment features, in preparation for a new condo. Moreover, the way that people think about Coney Island is changing as well. Those living in the history of it feel nostalgic; on the other hand, new visitors often feel just one passing point of summer wind. I was inspired by this fact and the new reality of the place, and therefore, decided to photograph the turning point of Coney Island and its new direction. The places and the people, especially the children in the photos, are reflections of one another, showing the path and the connection between the past and future, both the history that has gone, and the new direction in which we are moving. I believe that each moment captured is unchangeable truth. This photo essay is for my respect and gratitude to Coney Island.

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