GALO: What initially inspired you to write this series – did it have anything to do with the island?

NC: We do home-stays for tourists here, and whilst it’s great to meet new people and to have new faces in our homes, sometimes it’s a case of “lovely to see you, great to see you leave.” I wondered what it would be like if we did have a hotel here. The service would provide not only a place for tourists to stay, but jobs and a much needed boost to our economy. And so, the idea for Bounty’s Retreat was born!

GALO: What are some challenges you’ve faced with the Bounty’s Retreat series that you didn’t have with Remembering Love?

NC: Again, it was the constraints of the story. I managed to get around that by using a vibrant character base. In Quintal’s Return, Bryce and Kate battled with Celia. In Home Again, Home Again, returning Pitcairner Tina is swept off her feet by Blane. And in Quintal’s Quandary, Kate’s sister (Jen) love interest was one I loved writing about.

GALO: Conversely, in what ways has writing this series been less challenging?

NC: I think writing anything is challenging. Having a storyline or location made it easier, I suppose.

GALO: I can imagine that with all the writing, press and daily life on Pitcairn, you’re quite busy these days?

NC: I’m finding the life of an indie writer very, very interesting! There are hundreds, if not literally thousands of us out there all fighting to get into a market that is flooded with new authors. With trying to get my books out there and life on an isolated isle such as Pitcairn, there are some days [I find there is] not enough time to breath, let alone write! I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

GALO: Like Remembering Love, both your latest books are inspired heavily by your home on Pitcairn. Do you think you’ll keep drawing inspiration from your home, or is it possible we could see a future book set somewhere like, for example, Paris?

NC: I’m working on one set in New Zealand at the moment, so yes. I’m widening my horizons. You know I love to share my island though!

GALO: Part of the second book in the Bounty’s Retreat, Home Again, Home Again deals with heroine Tina and her job as an aircraft engineer. But I thought there weren’t any planes on Pitcairn…

NC: There is no airport, and probably not enough land to ever build one. So, the airport is quite fictional! If there ever was one here, the landing strip would have to be very, very short!

GALO: How do Home Again, Home Again and the first book in the series, Quintal’s Return relate to one another?

NC: Quintal’s Return deals with the opening of the Bounty’s Retreat, and the airport opens in the background of this story. Home Again, Home Again looks at it from the other side, while merging with Quintal’s through characters.

GALO: Quintal’s Return was released in August. What’s the reception been like?

NC: Very good. I’ve had a lot of readers come back to look at my second book after reading Remembering Love. I’m hoping to grow my readership, however.

GALO: For Remembering Love you ran a contest for readers. Anything similar planned this time?

NC: We’ll see! [winks]

GALO: One of the effects of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer was that it led to an increase in tourism in the books’ real-life setting of Forks, Washington. Similarly, have your books increased interest in Pitcairn? For example, have readers been asking about how they might get to the island after reading your books?

NC: I’ve had a few queries. This question made me smile, actually. I’d love to get the same coverage as Stephanie Meyer did with her books — maybe we would get that extra tourism beating down our doors! Bounty’s Retreat might actually become a reality [then]!

GALO: What do you have planned next, aside from the release of the third novel in the series?

NC: I’ve got a few more novel ideas up my sleeve and am working on something totally out of the romance genre — something that may raise a few eyebrows, but I’m enjoying the process. I hope to share that with you soon!

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Featured image: “Home Again, Home Again,” a novel by Nadine Christian from the “Bounty’s Retreat” series. Photo Courtesy of: Nadine Christian.